Welcome! Here you’ll find out about our growing team and the work we do on the evolution and ecology of infectious diseases. We’re motivated by fundamental questions on the (co)evolution of species interactions, and we try to use the approaches that best suit the question at hand.  That means we often end up synthesizing data from field observations, laboratory manipulations and experimental evolution, with guidance from theoretical models and (increasingly) genomic data.  The lab is young and looking for new members, so, if you’re nice, hard-working and enthusiastic, we’d love to hear from you.

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New paper in Evolution Letters!

We (Mandy and third-year UVA undergraduate Anna Nguyen) just published a study in Evolution Letters! We conducted a series of meta-analyses to test the hypothesis that host populations with reduced genetic diversity experience increased burdens of parasites relative to genetically diverse host populations. The results show that experimental increases in genetic diversity reduce parasitism by … Continue reading New paper in Evolution Letters!

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