Welcome! Here you’ll find out about our growing team and the work we do on the evolution and ecology of infectious diseases. We’re motivated by fundamental questions in evolutionary biology, and we try to use the approaches and questions that best suit the question at hand.  That means we often end up synthesizing data from field observations, laboratory manipulations and experimental evolution, with guidance from theoretical models.  The lab is young and looking for new members, so, if you’re nice, hard-working and enthusiastic, we’d love to hear from you.


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New paper in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology

Kayla Stoy, a graduate student at Emory University, has recently published a commentary on the evolutionary genetics of mutualism. It was an honor to work with Kayla, Levi Morran, and Nicole Gerardo in developing her insightful ideas! Find it here: KS Stoy, AK Gibson, NM Gerardo, and LT Morran. A need to consider the evolutionary genetics … Continue reading New paper in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology

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