Welcome! Here you’ll find out about our growing team and the work we do on the evolution and ecology of infectious diseases. We’re motivated by fundamental questions on the (co)evolution of species interactions, and we try to use the approaches that best suit the question at hand.  That means we often end up synthesizing data from field observations, laboratory manipulations and experimental evolution, with guidance from theoretical models and (increasingly) genomic data.  The lab is young and looking for new members, so, if you’re nice, hard-working and enthusiastic, we’d love to hear from you.

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Congratulations to Fabiane and Jai for earning a GIDI-UP Award from the Global Infectious Disease Institute at UVA! This award supports the research of undergraduate-postdoctoral research pairs, and Jai will be developing an experiment on the role of parasite genetic diversity in promoting establishment and spread of disease.

Poster presentations!

Gibson Lab folks presented their research at our end of year poster sessions on May 4. Congratulations to our first-year graduate students Abbey and Irish and our undergraduates Ally, Leila, Tori, and Jai on their beautiful posters and great data! And big thanks for the mentors who worked with our undergraduates!

Teaching award!

Mandy was awarded the Alumni Board of Trustees Teaching Award, which goes to an assistant professor at UVA who has demonstrated outstanding teaching and a commitment to student success. Big thanks to students and colleagues who supported her nomination! See the UVAToday feature here

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