New publication by Juliana!

Juliana had her first first-author data paper accepted in Ecology and Evolution! She conducted this work when she was a technician in the lab, and her results show that the environment (diet in this case) can determine whether or not parasite resistance carries a cost.

Citation: Jiranek, J and Gibson, AK. Diet can alter the cost of resistance to a natural parasite in Caenorhabditis elegans. Ecology and Evolution. In press

uvabio at ASN!

Members of the lab had a great time at the American Society of Naturalists’ 2023 meeting at Asilomar! Congratulations to postdoc Caroline Amoroso for honorable mention for best postdoc award and for 2nd place in the natural history trivia with her team “The Rainbow Chitins.” Congratulations to undergraduate Tori Feist for honorable mention for best student poster, on her REU project with Corlett Wood this past summer (Tori was competing against graduate students!). And congratulations to Brodie Lab members Clara Stahlmann Roeder, Sarah McPeek, and Keely Pattisall on their awesome presentations!


Congratulations to Fabiane and Jai for earning a GIDI-UP Award from the Global Infectious Disease Institute at UVA! This award supports the research of undergraduate-postdoctoral research pairs, and Jai will be developing an experiment on the role of parasite genetic diversity in promoting establishment and spread of disease.