Former mentees

I’ve had the great fortune to work with many amazing undergraduates during my postdoc at Emory University and my PhD at Indiana University. I introduce a few of them below.

Helena Baffoe-Bonnie: 2017-2018, Emory University, honors thesis student (summa cum laude). She moved on to an NIH IRTA fellow at NIDA and then to the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine, a research-intensive medical training program at Case Western Reserve University.

Dilys Osei: 2018, Emory University, team member and NCAA National Champion in track and field. Now she’s a student at the Medical College of Georgia

Raythe Owens: 2018, Emory University, team member. Raythe is currently a PhD student in Chemistry at the University of Colorado Boulder

Julie Lin: 2016-2017, Emory University, team member; now an optometry student at SUNY College of Optometry

Arooj Khalid: 2017-2018, Emory University, team member; Arooj taught elementary school with Teach for America and is now applying to law school!

Kayla Stoy: 2012-2014; Indiana University, honors thesis student (recipient of Outstanding Honors Thesis Award). Kayla and I co-authored two publications together (Evolution 2015, JEB 2018), and she wrote a lay summary about our work for ScienceBreaker. Now Kayla’s an NSF-GRFP graduate student with Nicole Gerardo and Levi Morran at Emory University doing great work on bacterial mutualists of insects!

Collaborative graphic design by snail-human chimeras, from left to right, Peyton Joachim, Samantha Klosak, and Julie Xu. Also featuring Mandy as the Red Queen and Curt Lively and John Maynard Smith as scenic features of the New Zealand landscape

Samantha Klosak: 2013-2016, Indiana University, research technician. Sam published a research snapshot in the IU Journal of Undergraduate Research (IUJUR).

Peyton Joachim: 2013-2015, Indiana University, research credit. Some of Peyton’s work is highlighted in his IUJUR research snapshot and in his poster for the Midwest Ecology and Evolution Conference.

Julie Xu: 2014-2015, Indiana University, IFLE and STARS student. Check out Julie’s research snapshot in IUJUR, her coauthored publication in Evolution, and her awe-inspiring posters from the Midwest Ecology and Evolution Conference (2015) and the IU STARS symposium (2015).

Ian Gelarden: 2013-2014, Indiana University, honors thesis student. Ian and I
co-authored one publication together (Evolution 2015).